20 Best Android Browsers for Surfing whatever site you want

20 Best Android Browsers for Surfing whatever website you want – In the age of technology, our devices require internet connectivity. A browser is a must for any device using the internet. You need a connection to get by your day. Few features come as a necessity when using a browser on your device.

Things to look for:

  • Your privacy and security are of utmost importance. You do not want to go gallivanting on the internet without protection. Therefore, the safety of your device and personal information should not be compromised.
  • When you are checking websites, you would want to use a browser that can display pictures, text, and videos accurately. Smooth video viewing is also an important factor.
  • Some of the browsers promise a good amount of data saver mode, which you can use when in low connectivity areas.
  • Bookmarks, home screen, and offline saving are part of your requirements when expecting a decent browser.

We have gathered 20 of the most used and best android browsers with the requirements and qualities in them.


Google Chrome: Fast & Secure by Google LLC


Most android users have been accustomed to the Google Chrome Browser. It has more than 5 Billion downloads. If you have not come across the same, then it can be your trial of a browser. It will take up 38 MB of your android device. It has a rating of 4.1 stars. It is one of the most user-friendly browsers with secure browsing capability. Features such as saving up your data usage are an added advantage of the browser. When you turn on the Data Saver mode, your data is saved by 60%. It helps compress the content without affecting your experience. There is also an availability of content download. If you like to keep your history clean, you also have the freedom to use incognito mode. This mode will enable you to have privacy while browsing.


DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser by DuckDuckGo


An interesting fact about the DuckDuckGo browser is that it is popular yet has a niche following. This browser has about 10 million downloads. With a good rating of 4.8 stars, it will only take up 11 MB on your android. Now, getting into the details, it promises to protect the user’s data. Many users, therefore, prefer this browser for its built-in privacy feature.


Opera Mini – fast web browser by Opera   


This browser comes with a rating of 4.3 stars. With 500 million + downloads, it will take up 11 MB on your android. This browser has been known to be lightweight. The browser has a built-in ad blocker which is a resourceful feature. You can enable incognito mode in the browser. Smaller yet useful features include night mode, for usage in the dark. You can also read your saved files offline.


Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser by Mozilla


This browser has been used in many portable devices and desktops alike. It is a reasonably good browser for your android. The browser has a rating of 4.2 stars and a space of 56 MB. This browser promises to keep your browsing private and block online trackers. You can also customize the browser and use ad blockers.    


Microsoft Bing: Search & Free Rewards by Microsoft Corporation


Microsoft Bing has a rating of 4.3 stars and has more than 10 million downloads. Microsoft brand also assures you with fast browsing and user control over privacy. You can access useful features such as, searching on the browser with your voice, with a picture, and not necessarily with a text. You can also avail of a homepage for easy access.  


Microsoft Edge by Microsoft Corporation


This browser comes at a rating of 4.5 stars. It will take up 82 MB of your android device. Microsoft Edge has more than 10 million downloads. You can have safe and fast browsing with no privacy concerns. It promises to prevent tracking and provides you with the ability to block ads. It is also easy for you to sync your signed in on all platforms. A private browsing experience will enable you to browse without the search history. You can use InPrivate browsing for this purpose.  


Brave Private Browser: Fast. Secure web browser


Brave software provides you with a safe browsing experience. You can easily access private browsing and not be tracked. The ad-blockers will also help you in staying clear from the ads. Brave Private Browser has a rating of 4.7 stars and more than 10 million downloads. Your android device can avail of this browser at storage of 79 MB.


New Uc Browser – Fast Indian Browser, Videos, News by Free Browser, Fast Video Downloader, News App


This Indian browser promises you safe browsing and downloads. The rating for the browser comes at 4.0 stars and 19 MB storage. With a lightweight space on an android device and fast browsing, it promises a smooth experience. You have the advantage of customizing the preferred feed. Features such as night mode, download manager, and password management, give a clean slate to run the internet.  


Browser – Smart and Fast Explorer by 1 Bit


This is a lightweight app at only 4.9 MB, on your android device. A small package yet it will enable you to surf whatever website you desire. The rating comes at 4.4 stars and has more than 500k downloads. You can personalize the look and change the theme of the browser. You can avail of a data saving option when required. It is one of the most compact and best android browsers. There is no worry for offline content as well, as it enables you to access the offline pages.


Web Explorer: Fast privacy browser by Kawe Apps


Web Explorer allows you to easily access internet surfing in such a small convenient browser. With only 4.8 MB and more than 5 million downloads, it gives you the required features. You can avail of data saving mode for less internet usage. The annoying ads while surfing the internet can be blocked using the adblocker. Your downloads are also made easy and accessible.    


Browser: Free Indian U Browser, Video Downloader by Everyday Apps by Appytome Tech


This android browser has over 1 million downloads and 4.6 stars rating. The browser will take up only 18 MB on your android. You can avail of smooth surfing of your preferred website. This browser is from India and provides you with usable features. Features such as night mode give your night surfing a better experience. A simple interface enables any user on their android to have immediate results. You can also surf with the Incognito mode for a private browsing experience.   


Vivaldi Browser with as blocker: fast & private by Vivaldi Technologies


Vivaldi Browser has over more than 1 million downloads. You can use it for surfing the internet with 57 MB on your android. The rating for this browser comes at 4.0 stars. Getting into the features, this browser has a reliable ad blocker to keep you secure. While surfing, you can also dismiss the pop-ups that disturb smooth browsing. There is also customization for light mode and dark. You do not have to worry about data privacy and can safely sync on the browser. Another fun feature is the game Vivaldi, which you can play on your android. This game can be played not only online but as an offline game.    


Soul Browser by SoulSoft


Soul Browser by SoulSoft brings you a surfing experience with only 6.9 MB. It has more than 100k downloads. This browser for android is at a rating of 4.6 Stars. Your website viewing experience is promised to be clean and fast. Features such as, Video Download, Clean Mode, Incognito Mode, and choosing a dark theme are compact and useful. The text to speech feature also enables you to listen to the text.


Browser by One9


The browser provides you a surfing experience that is fast and secure. It holds only 17 MB of your storage. At a rating of 4.6 stars, this lightweight browser promises a secure experience. It enables quick and private browsing to avoid tracking. Its News Feed also allows you to access news on the go.



Lite Browser – fast web browser by phoneapps


Another compact browser at only 2.6 MB and 4.6 stars, phoneapps provide you this surfing opportunity. It promises you safe surfing on the internet. Ad Blocker is also available for your convenience. There is also an automatic optimization of the font for your smooth reading experience. You can also watch videos with the in-built video player.


Aloha Browser Turbo – private browser + free VPN by Aloha Mobile


You can download this browser for storage space of 86 MB on your android device. It has more than 5 million downloads. The rating comes at 4.5 stars. It promises you private surfing and tracking protection. You can access a free VPN whenever you require it. There are also ad blockers available. There is also private vault storage, where the user can secure it with a password. This browser was made to provide privacy for the user.     

Other versions of some of the apps mentioned above.


Opera browser with free VPN by Opera


This is your everyday Opera Mini browser, however, with the added advantage of a free VPN. This enables you to surf in private mode. It helps you to get a virtual IP address and not tackle with the original address. Besides the features like AdBlocker, customization, and manageable downloads, it is fast and user-friendly. The rating of this version of Opera is 4.6 stars. It has more than 100 million downloads. You can have this browser at 42 MB on your device.


Chrome Beta by Google LLC


Chrome Beta is only 8.0 MB and has more than 10 million downloads. This is a Beta version of the Chrome browser. Hence, you will be able to experience all the latest updates made. Both Chrome browser and the Beta version can be used alongside each other.


Firefox Lite –Fast, Lightweight and Secure Browser by Mozilla


This lite version of Firefox is light on the storage as well. It comes with only 5.7 MB. The rating is at 4.4 stars. You can avail yourself of a Turbo Mode which will enable fast browsing. There is also a feature of changing the theme of your home screen. Reading offline material is also made easy on the browser.


X Browser Mini – Super Fast by Browser Mini


A website browsing, at only 4.0 MB space on your device. This browser is also an alternative to the well-known Uc browser. This browser also keeps in mind the 4g and 5 g network users and hence, works accordingly. It will provide you with many features similar to the Uc browser in a smaller body.   


After reading this list, I am sure you can understand and filter according to your immediate need. Your android device can now use any of these browsers without the headache of immense research and trial.  


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