20 Best Android Fitness Apps to Get Into Shape And Stay There

20 Best Android Fitness Apps to Get Into Shape And Stay There – Fit people are assets of the world, as a fit person stays healthy from both inside & outside & thus, he can contribute to the world more than an unfit person. Fitness not only gives you an attractive look but also gives you immunity from many harmful diseases. To maintain this fitness, many go to the gym or take the help of a personal trainer. But what about those who have no time for these both?


In this case, we should thank modern technology, which has created mobile apps to solve our problems. Like any other apps, you will find around 200,000 fitness apps available in the market. But are they all reliable & really helpful? Obviously not! 


Then how to get an authentic & effective one? Getting an authentic & effective fitness app among so many is not that easy. But we have created a list of the 20 best android fitness apps to get into shape & stay there. This list has been created based on the customer’s review & the popularity & acceptance of the apps. Now let’s not waste time & get to know about these apps.

20 Best Android Fitness Apps To Get Into Shape And Stay There:


A perfect fitness app always shows you all the possible ways to make your workout easy & a better one. It not only makes workout fun but also ensures you get proper training & your desired result as well. All of these apps in the list have this specialty. That’s why we have chosen them from the rest. Now let’s find out what more these apps have got.

1.Google Fit:


Google fit is a very reliable & popular app as this app does its best to keep you fit & healthy in every possible way. You can easily control your fitness with this app. It basically tracks your workout through your cell phone. This app is associated with the American Heart Association & the World Health Organisation to set you a goal & give you heart points to keep you fit. Here you will find some activities which will help your heart pump harder. These activities are very beneficial for your heart. 


You can earn a single heart point here by choosing medium workouts & double by choosing intense ones. You can even easily measure your workout timing with this app & also can record your speed, route & pace easily. It uses the mobile sensor to record these all. It sets a goal for you & pushes you to reach there. Whether you do workouts by running, walking, or cycling, Google fit will monitor them all and will add heart points accordingly. Choose activities from the app list & get fit by increasing your heart point.

2.Adidas Running app:


This app is for sports lovers who try to get fit with sports. Almost 170milion people are using this app, relying on it. It is a free app. Its GPS tracker would help you to track your workout & progress. Now you can know the heart rate, workout duration & the calories you’ve burnt with this app. Join virtual races, compete globally & earn badges with this app. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly plans. 


It pushes you to achieve your goal. You can even create videos on your fitness workouts. tIt’s premium version will help you unlock the advanced Adidas training, Adidas running & other training plans. This app will keep you updated with its regular blog posts. This app always keeps motivating until the targeted challenges are accomplished.

3.Calorie counter – MyFitnessPal:


This app is a great calorie counter & macro tracker. Whether you want to get healthy, lose weight or start a new diet, the Calorie counter will always be there for you. People who have used this app have lost weight tremendously. It counts the calories & informs about the nutrients you are taking every day. It suggests not only nutritious foods but also shares healthy recipes with you. You can even add your own healthy recipes to this app.  


You can choose your weight gain, weight loss & weight maintenance goal & get full support from this app. It also helps you to change your habit. There are also 350+ workouts here. You just need to choose according to your ability & strength, or simply add your own workouts here. You can even join the group community for better support & share your progress with your friends.

4.Sworkit Fitness:


It is a very effective app that brings you perfect weight loss plans & provides you the fitness you desired all the time. An app that understands your body needs & you as well. It takes all your frustration out that you had once & lights up the hope of success in your life. This app really motivates a lot. It has millions of users who get really benefited from this app. It has almost 100 million workouts to offer. This app has been declared number 1 by a collegiate study assessing fitness app for its effective workouts, successful stories of tremendous workout progress,  safety & guidelines provided by the American College of Sports Medicine. It has training plans for everyone, from beginners to experts. 


Whether it is about losing weight, gaining muscles, tone up, level up, or improving flexibility, this app will always support you. No matter how much time you can give your workout, it has workout plans for even every second. 5 minutes workout, 10 minutes workout, 15 minutes workout, all types of workouts are here in its list. With equipment workouts without equipment workouts, every option is available here. Beginners will find it like a lifesaver as it is effortless & helpful. Overall it is a perfect app that you shouldn’t miss ever.

5.JEFIT Workout Tracker:


This app works as a  workout planner, which is almost like a personal gym trainer. Nearly 8 million people are part of this app & use it without any complaints. This app helps you by providing a free fitness database for your fitness. You can easily make progress here. It keeps monitoring your daily progress. It has many options to choose like weight lifting, bodybuilding, kettlebell, powerlifting. This app always helps you to increase your strength, lose fat & weight & achieve training goals. An expert or a beginner, whatever you are, this app has plans for everyone.


It motivates by rewarding you for achieving new goals, finishing challenges & creating new records. It provides almost 1300+ workout videos done by expert trainers. You can take monthly fitness challenges here with good prize money. You can even search for fitness buddies from its community & help or complete each other to reach the goal. 

6.StrongLifts 5×5:


This app works as a weight lifting tracker, workout planner, and many more. It helps you to plan your workout, count your exercise timing & track your activities. This app sets a goal for you and pushes you toward the goal. Nearly 1 million people are using this app, relying on it as it is beneficial to its users. It is something like carrying a training coach inside your pocket. It knows how long to work out, what types of exercise to choose when to take rest & how long. Thus, it keeps suggesting to you about the workouts. 


This app is totally free, and thus you can download it easily. It is simple & easy to use. It saves your progress & works on it. You will even get a lot of workout videos here. It is totally ad-free. It shows progress graphs where you can compare your now & then progress. Get better workout plans with StrongLifts Pro. You can purchase it yearly or for three months. You can pay through Google Play Account.



This app works like a personal trainer. It is a top-rated activity tracker that helps you build muscle, get in shape & improve your fitness. You can track your body weight with the bodyweight tracker, which you will find in the featured store. You just need to give information about your height, weight, and others & BMI will automatically calculate your weight progress. This app is very easy to use. It tracks everything about your cardio training & weight lifting workouts. You can even use it in your gym. 


It keeps records of every exercise, every workout & makes a progress statistic & graphs. With this app, you can create a workout routine & can even change it later. It provides you with organized training. You can even add your own training. It even shows rest time in between the exercises. It has a backup & restore option, which will never let your progress report get lost. It saves everything in the Cloud, Google Drive, or device storage.

8.Nike Run Club:


If you love running as a fitness workout, then this app is perfect for you. This app can be a perfect running partner for you. This app has everything that you need for a better run. It has a GPS tracker, audio guidance, monthly, weekly or other challenges,  training plans to achieve your goals & motivational activities. It provides badges & trophies to celebrate your success. You can even get cheers from your friends through this app. Share your experience & workouts story with everybody. 


It provides you all the information like your duration, heart rate, distance & pace. Its audio feature keeps you informed about these so that you don’t need to keep looking at the screen repeatedly. Through this app, you will get motivation from the Nike coach & expert athletes. So if you think running will help you get a healthy & fit body, then don’t waste your time & get connected with this app.



Runkeeper is a very useful app that helps you always to measure, track & improve your fitness.

This app tracks your every workout, whether it’s running, jogging, walking, cycling, or other activities; it tracks with the GPS. If you have a goal like you have a weight, race, or pace in mind, then you can surely trust this app. It will guide you on the best way to reach your goal. Around 50 million people are using this app to get fit & maintain it. This app has flexible routines, which can be an easy fit with your busy schedule. It always motivates all its members. 


You can join challenges, earn rewards & share your success with your friends. It tracks your progress & shows it to you to motivate you always. You can even arrange a custom challenge,  invite your friends & make them accept the challenge, track each other’s progress & cheer for it. This app has audio cues which keep informing you about the time, distance & pace. You can choose a training plan & start your workout accordingly. This app also helps you to discover or build new tracks. It also has the option of uploading your activities & sharing them with your friends.

10.Zombies, Run!:


This app is great fun to use. If you have chosen running for your daily workout, then you will find it very interesting, like its name. This app will help you run even faster & will remove your monotony. More than 5 million people are connected with it. It is basically a running game & adventure audio where you are a hero who is on a mission. Its horrific audio will create a spooky atmosphere where you will feel like you are in the middle of a terrific Zombie movie & you will have to run to save your & others’ life. 


You will hear them breathing, groaning while you put your headphones on. You will feel like the zombies are very close. It will create immense suspense. All you have to do is run!! No matter where you are running. It can be running on a beach, running in the park, or you can even try this on a treadmill. There is a deep mystery behind the story. You need to uncover it. The first mission is all for free, but you can unlock the rest every week. You can even unlock all the 300+ stories at a time & can have unlimited fun.

11.30 Days Fitness Challenge: Workout at Home:


This app provides you with all the scientific workouts which are very effective for your health & fitness. This app has already proved itself to be the best among many. With this app, you can try workouts at home. These are effortless workouts. So anybody can try these at any time. Professional trainers design all the workouts. You can easily sync it with the calories burn app Google Fit. 30 Days Fitness Challenge increases your workouts’ intensity slowly, step by step so that you can try these exercises every day. 


You need not go to the gym. What you need to do is use your body weight to carry your workout & try these on every day. It keeps tracking your progress & reminds you to go for the daily exercise. Every exercise has a detailed video. These videos are very clear so that you don’t get into confusion later. It has many challenges which will take you to the advanced level. Try to participate in every challenge this app offers you. You can even share these with your friends & family. You will find multiple abs workouts here to achieve your six-packs quickly. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one, try this app.

12.Fitness & Bodybuilding:


This app will help you to make your body fit & build it the ways you like. It will help you to get a good result in a very short time. This app permits you to create your own training. It provides a detailed description & video of each exercise. It also has separate plans for different activities like powerlifting, bodybuilding & fitness. It will show you how you can build yourself all alone without any fitness trainer. It shows all your progress on a graph. 


It saves all past activities you have tried before & keeps a record of the activities you are about to try. You can even customize your workout plan & add photos & details. It has a built-in timer & built-in calendar, which marks your workout days. It adds new workouts with every update.

13.Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts


It is a wonderful app that works as a personal trainer. This app is for sports lovers. This app provides tons of workouts that you can try either at home or the gym. Its 100+ different gym exercises are here with proper detailed videos, pictures & information. It will guide your workouts according to your possibilities to get the goal faster. Total Fitness offers you some challenges which are very practical & helpful. It also keeps an eye on your improvements & progress. You can even create your own workouts here. 


It not only suggests the exercises you should pick but also the food you should take or avoid. What, when & how much food to eat daily, these all are here in the app. You can call it a nutrition adviser. It is totally free, so you don’t need to think about any payment. It helps you to set a schedule for your weekly & daily goals. Take as hard workouts or challenges you can take. It will be helpful to bring your body into shape faster. 

14.Abs workout:


This app is a wonderful app that you can try at home without any equipment. This app is for those who love to be fit & want a perfect body shape. This app has 20+ varieties of abs workouts that you can easily try at home. These workouts even don’t take much time, so that you can finish your exercises very quickly. All the activities are explained elaborately by the expert trainers. An expert or a beginner, whatever you are, you get the highest support from this app for sure.


It tells you how you can keep your body fit & maintain it. It suggests to you “what to do, what not to do.” According to this app, the maximum effect you will have to carry on these workouts for a long time & build a habit of eating healthy food. But if you are suffering from any injury better, you consult with the doctor first rather than starting the program. Tracking your progress in this app is truly easy. It also provides daily workout reminders. You will get exercise for both men & women.

15.Home Workout – No Equipment:


If quick bodybuilding is your dream, then join this app now to fulfill your goal sooner. This app has various workout routines to provide you a good result. You need not go to the gym anymore. You just need to spend some minutes doing these exercises every day & you will notice a tremendous change in your body shape. Building muscle & staying fit is no more a dream. With this app, you can get these easily. It has workouts for your different parts like chests, abs, legs, butts & others, or you even can get the entire body workouts here.  


All these workouts are without equipment. So you can do it from anywhere. Its warm Up & stretching routines are very well organized. All the exercises come with detailed animation & Hd quality videos made by the expert trainers so you can follow them well. It keeps a record of your progress automatically, and you can even share your progress with your friends on your favorite social media. Overall his app is total satisfaction.  

16.7 Minute Workout:


This app is a very authentic & scientific app that assists you to improve cardiovascular function & weight loss. This app is featured by Google play & considered a top-rated health app. Almost 3 million people are using this app. It knows about your needs. Whether you want to strengthen abdominal muscles or get a flat belly or lose weight, this app will help you achieve your goal with the necessary videos to show you how to perform them. It highlights the 7-minute quick-fit workout, which anyone can take at any time. This workout is based on High-Intensity Circuit Training (HICT), proven to be the most effective, safe & efficient workout to improve aerobic fitness, muscles & to stay healthy.  


This app has only 12 very effective workouts to be done for 30 seconds & a 10-second break to take in between the workouts. It just requires a wall & a chair. This could be done even at home or in the office. It has a voice guideline. While doing these workouts, you will have to put your mobile screen on. It gives you a notification for the everyday workout. It also has abs workouts for women. The best part is you can even take calls while doing the workouts. It also has six-pack workouts on the list.

17.Map My Fitness Workout Trainer:


Map My Fitness Workout Trainer basically tracks distance, pace, route & others in real-time with GPS. An expert or a beginner, whatever you are, you will find everything you are looking for. With this app, you will find personalized coaching tips, customizable training plans & a wonderful, inspiring community of nearly 60 million people. 

This app will also help you with home workouts. You can choose from tons of activities & mix them up for your daily exercise. You can even customize your training routine to reach the goal. 


You can join the Healthy at Home Challenge, where you will have to log 12 workouts in 30 days. Here you will find 600+ activities which is an immense amount of activities. Cycling, running, gym workout, walking, yoga, cross-training, everything’s included here. You can even save your favorite trails, explore new trails for running, add them & share them with your friends. You can even find other athletes & friends here. This app gives you the chance to share your workout on the social network. You can even win prizes by accepting & winning challenges.  

18.Pro Gym Workout:


Whether you want to have a workout at home or in the gym, you will find this app really helpful for you. This app is your workout & bodybuilding trainer, which will show you workout videos to help you gain your goal without any personal trainer. Its workout programs have detailed info on speed, rest, load, reps & sets to assist you in reaching the destination. You can even pick a workout routine to perform these at the gym or home. It has 9 workouts, 120+ exercises & 21 workout routines. You don’t even need a net connection to operate the app. You can see the videos without a net connection. All its videos are done by expert bodybuilders, which are very practical & helpful.


Otherwise, a fat calculator, BMI calculator, protein & calories calculator are included with this app. You can create a customized routine if you want by creating your own exercise. Weekly & daily workouts are there to help you out. You can even use the search option to find your desired activities. This app’s best part is, you can easily remove ads forever by purchasing the ad-free pack. You can even unlock the premium version to get better workouts & workout plans every day. 

19.Fitvate –Home & Gym Workout Trainer:


This app works like a fitness coach & gym & home workout trainer. It is a very easy workout planner app. It can be a perfect app to start your fitness journey with. Fitvate will take your training to the next level. It has tons of free workout programs, workout plans, videos to help you complete your task according to your schedule. You don’t need any equipment for the purpose. You can quickly tone your body & build muscles at home without equipment. You will also find many warmups & stretching plans available there. It helps you to get your goal within a short time.


This app helps you to get fast & positive changes in your body. You can use it while offline. These workouts are so easy that anyone can pick them up for their daily routine. It has plans for everyone, whether it’s for a beginner or intermediate, or expert one. You will find 300+ HD quality offline videos. You can even get health tips every day.

20.Daily Workouts Free – Home Fitness Workout Trainer:


If you are looking for some quick & effective workout apps, take this app for granted. It has 5-30 minutes of regular workout routines both for men & women. You can choose different exercises from your comfort level & do them at your home. These exercises are provided by certified expert trainers so that you can trust them blindly. Every day, if you spend some minutes behind some exercises, it can change your life. This app has videos of all the exercises so you can easily understand & follow them. 


You will find here 5-10 minutes workouts, 10-30 minutes full-body workouts & more than 100 exercises that are made equally for men and women. There are videos for every activity. Maximum workouts don’t require an internet connection. You will get all these workouts for free & if you like them somehow, you can go for the next level, where you will find more advanced workouts & training plans.

Wrap Up:


A fit body can do something more than an unfit body. Therefore, staying fit is really important. Achieving fitness & maintaining fitness are two different things. Though you can get fitness easily, but it is tougher to maintain it than achieving it once. 


Thus, we came up with this article to give you the 20 best android fitness apps to get into shape & stay there. This article is to help the people who are really serious about their fitness. Hopefully, it will help you as you are expecting from this.

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