20 Best Cycling Apps & Biking Apps For Android

20 Best Cycling Apps & Biking Apps For Android – In this world of technology, apps are now the best way to make your life easier. These apps can bring the whole world to your hand & make your life even better. Most apps are aimed at solving your problems. For a cyclist, tracking rides, distances, time, speed, everything accurately is a massive problem. Let’s discuss the Best Cycling Apps & Biking Apps.


If you are a cyclist or go out for a ride very often, then you may feel the need for a cycling or biking app that will track your ride, distance, time, speed correctly. If you don’t know, but there are plenty of cycling & biking apps out there. But all may not give you the service as you are expecting. 


Thus, we came up with the 20 best cycling apps & biking apps for android to save your time & give you relief from this searching hassle. These apps are the best out of all, as our experts have chosen these for you after spending years on research. So let’s not waste time & check out the list below.


20 Best Cycling Apps & Biking Apps For Android:


This is very rare to get everything in an app. You may need to choose two or three apps to get the desired result. A good cycling or biking app will monitor your training, record your ride, give you all the necessary information about your speed,  time, distance, new biking tracks, the calories you have burnt & all. Keeping these in mind, we have set the list of the apps. Now take a look at the list and choose that best matches you.




Strava is basically an activity tracker. This app is made for sports lovers. You can use this app for running, cycling, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, kayak & other activities even. It records your route & tracks your distance with the help of GPS. You can even monitor your fitness with this app. 


For cycling or biking, this may prove an excellent app as it will show you the biking speed, limit, count the miles, track your distance & even the calories you have burnt. It also offers you new cycling, biking & running tracks you have never explored before. This app pushes you to go for monthly challenges & helps you to compete with others. You can even share your latest bike ride pictures & map.




Zwift is a great app for cyclists, bikers & runners. You can even use it for indoor training. It helps you to go forward & push you to achieve your goals. With this app, you can create your training plans or follow the top class coaches or go out for a casual run or ride with the global community. This app will make your ride fun.


It has almost thousands of structured training plans to help you out. You can even join group rides, walk, run, or workouts as it offers near about 200 live events per day. You can now monitor your activity with this app & see the progress. This app is connected to plenty of trainers & devices; thus, you will undoubtedly get the best service from this app. 




If you are not feeling like going for a ride outside but still want to continue your cycling workout at home, then this app is just made for you. This app is a highly featured indoor cycling software for your indoor cycling. It’s a complete software that will give you a unique platform with almost 4000 geolocated videos. 


It has used mixed-reality technology & advanced algorithms to ensure exact 1.1 stimulation of outdoor cycling routes & races. This app combines 3D animated rides with high-quality geo-synced videos so that you get the real riding experience. You can take part in these digital races or go through the virtual routes only with real or virtual partners. So get this app & make your indoor cycling workouts real fun.


4.Wahoo Fitness:


This app is for those who do cycling, biking, and running for fitness. It keeps a record of your running, cycling, or other workouts through GPS. You can combine this app with the Wahoo Sensor to monitor your heart rate, activity, cycling speed & power. This app supports Bluetooth smart sensors. 

Through this app, you can share your workout on other training websites. 


You will also get the most accurate calories burnt count with this app. You just need to add some information such as age, height, weight to get exact calories burnt data. This app includes audio alerts to inform you of every info like distance, time, speed & all. You can even use multiple sensors at a time with this app using different or the same wireless technology.




Cyclemeter is an advanced app for bikers, cyclists & runners. It turns your android phone into a fitness tracker that tracks your activity & shows you all your progress. You can even design your training plans here & share them with your friends & family. It shows you the distance,  speed, time,  heart rate during cycling.


Not only that, but it also keeps a record of the weather. You can also use it for skating, skiing & other activities. This app includes almost plenty of marathon runs & other activity plans just for you. Set your target with the Cyclemeter & go for your goal.


6.Google Maps:


Google map is the most reliable & authentic app among all apps. This app is for all kinds of people. Whether you want to track your activity or search for a local place, route, food, or event, you will get everything in this app. Google map almost covers all the countries, places & routes. So you can use it blindly for your trips. You will get nearly 220 counties & territories,  millions of places, and routes on its map. 


Get authentic traffic & transit information, explore new places & get real-time GPS navigation with this app. You can go for group planning with this app. Share the list of your favorite places or your exciting adventures with your community. You can even get proper guidelines from local experts, Google, or publishers. It also offers you offline services like offline search  & navigation services. All the Streets & indoor images are so clear that you will find them easily. Sports lovers also love to use it as it gives them every route information, tracks their ride, shares their experience with the community & finds local places quickly. Overall it’s a perfect app which all should have.  




Komoot is a top-rated GPS-based app that tracks your trip and gives you advice about your every track & every trip. You can easily plan your trip with this app, as it helps you in every possible way. The best thing about this app is that it offers service while you are offline. This app will help you to know the best track for your ride. Either you want to go to the single track on the mountain or silent cycling for a tour, this app will always show you the best route for your journey. 


Now you don’t even need to keep an eye on your mobile screen as the app has a voice navigation service to give you a smooth journey. You can easily download & save the map you plan to visit & watch it later while you are offline. So there is no need to bother about the net connection anymore. This app gives you the chance to show your favorite places to your community. You can even add pictures, highlight them, write tips & create your adventure log so that you can share your wonderful experience with your friends & family. Overall it is a perfect app for a rider.




Whether you are starting cycling for fitness or just cycling to have some fun, the MapMyRide app will help you to stay on track & achieve your goal. You will get plenty of training plans, personalized coaching tips here to take yourself in a better position. Sixty million athletes are teamed up here to help you out in every situation.


It also helps you when you are at home. By taking the Healthy at Home Challenge, you can continue your workout at home & increase your level too. It helps you in every possible way. Just all you need to do is to stick with the app till the end.




This app is for sports lovers who often go cycling, biking, hiking & other outdoor activities. Finding trails for bike rides & hiking and tracking rides with GPS are the leading services of this app. This app helps to save offline topo maps. 


It helps you to navigate your track, find new trails & record your activities. You can even use this app on your smartwatch. It shows your track state while you are on a ride. You may need a net connection for some features like browsing tracks, viewing online maps, sharing your route or location & downloading maps; otherwise, you can use it offline.




Outdooractive is such a great app that you can happily use for hiking, cycling, biking, or other outdoor activities. No matter which country you are in, it will help you to find all the possible routes you can try for. Its latest vector map shows you authentic information about cycling, biking & hiking trails. These all trails come with pictures, full details & direction. 


It gives the chance to add photos & share your experience with your community. You can even use it on your smartwatches or tabs. This app offers you some biking, hiking & cycling challenges that will help you to increase your ability.


11.Ride with GPS:


If you are seeking an app that will navigate your track and plan your trip, this app is for you. It turns your phone into a biking computer. Its turn-by-turn voice navigation will help you to have a smooth ride. This tracking app keeps a record of your trails & saves you from getting lost.  Its editing tools permit you to customize from anywhere. 


This app monitors your performance. It helps you to challenge yourself & reach your goal. It shows your heart rate & the calories you have burnt. It also works as a mile counter & speedometer. By downloading offline maps, you can head toward the unknown. This app is safe, easy & fun to use. Ultimately get the app to navigate, track, plan, share & record your trip. 




Trailforks is an app that shows you worldwide offline trail maps. Almost 290000 trails are there in the app for mountain biking, cycling, running, horse riding, skiing, and other activities. It permits you to download offline trail maps & provides their full details. You can even watch your GPS location on the map & get directions. 


It helps you to record & save your activity & share your experience with your friends & family. You can even watch your friends RideLogs with this app. Discover local routes with this app. You can even get the trail report & status here. So stop wasting time & get the app for your next ride.




This free app is for those who are very serious about their training in cycling, biking, or running. You can analyze, track & plan your training with this app. All you need to do is to sync your app with your Tainingpeaks.com account to get a full desktop, web & mobile solution for your training. 


This app helps you to track your speed, distance,  miles & power. You will get to see your progress in the Performance Management Chart. You can even share your activities with your community here. Monitor your activity with this app & get the best output quickly.


14.Kudo Coach:


This app offers you a complete cycling training solution as it provides you the training plan that matches your busy schedule. You can get proper training advice & guidance in this app. In this app, you can choose indoor or outdoor workouts based on your heart rate & power. 


The training it offers is aimed at your goal & upcoming cycling events. Other apps may give you rigid & inflexible training plans, but Kudo Coach provides easy to adapt to & flexible training. Ultimately it’s a great companion for those who want to become a successful cyclist.




It’s the most effective cycle training app among these all. It offers you indoor workouts based on your power and your health condition. You can choose from hundreds of structured cycling workouts, thousands of indoor activity plans provided by the app according to your fitness level. 


This training aims at getting you the most amount of fitness as quickly as possible. This app has plans for all riders, even for those who simply ride bikes just to hold on to their fitness. It also compares outdoor & indoor training stress. So if you want to start your cycling training, start it with the app now.


16.Haynes Bike Repair Guide:


This app is actually for those who are passionate about their bike’s fitness. It is an authentic bike repair manual by Haynes. This app provides videos showing how to repair & maintain bikes & keep them safe on the road. Step-by-step tutorials are provided in the app. Its best side is that this app is updated every month with new content. 


In this app, you will know about pre-ride checks, refit & remove the wheel & more about bike frames, brakes, cockpit & drivetrain. Moreover, it will show you some hacks so that you never fall into trouble while all goes wrong. It provides you all the knowledge you need to know to keep your bike fit & fine. 


17.Bike Citizens:


Bike Citizen is a very well-organized app for all bike lovers as it works like a bike navigator, tracker, route planner, games & more. You can operate it from any country. It shows all the bike routes according to your bike types like city bike, e-bike, mount bike, etc. The online search option of the app manages to find the exact location for you. 


You can even download offline maps so that you can use them later while you go offline. Its voice navigation service informs about the distance, speed, route without distracting you. It also suggests you the better route for your ride. You can even participate in cycling campaigns,  games, or challenges through this app. 


18.Garmin Connect Mobile:


Garmin Connect Mobile is a great app that helps you to beat your previous record. It’s an activity app that grows your confidence & helps you to reach your goal. It not only gives you training for cycling, biking & running but also tracks your activity.  It even permits you to add new workouts,  create courses & challenge your companions. 


It keeps recording your health data, monitoring your activities & counting your progress. You can even get the chance to earn badges for achieving goals. Join millions of Garmin Connect Mobile users and make your performance better than before.


19.Ride With GPS:


This app is all about live tracking, route planning & turn-by-turn voice navigation for cyclists & bikers. This GPS-based app is the best route, planner. It helps you to track your activity, navigate, plan, share & record your ride. It supports Bluetooth sensors. So now you can easily monitor your heart rate, power & cadence. 


This app is very easy to use & safe enough. It shows you every possible route you can use. Its authentic route navigation is enough to ensure you have a perfect ride. Its GPS tracker is always active, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. It can also be used as a mile counter & speedometer. Get the chance to download offline maps & move forward to the unknown with confidence. 


20.Cycle- Bicycle Maps:


Another GPS-based app that tracks your ride very effectively. It shows you all the possible biking lanes on the map you can go for. It helps you to have an effective & effortless ride. You can now easily search for your area’s available bike route or the area you are about to visit. It will never let you get lost no matter where ever you go. Its GPS will keep tracking your every activity so that you can enjoy your ride, keeping worries aside.


You can even share your riding experience with your community. This app saves you every track detail so that you can compare your progress & achieve your goal soon. Its open cycle map keeps updating regularly. So if you are seeking a reliable app, you can go for it.


Wrap Up:

Cycling & biking are two wonderful ways to have some pleasure & perfect cycling or biking apps can increase the pleasure a bit more. These 20 best cycling apps & biking apps for android are here to make your ride better. All you have to do is to choose according to your needs & demands.

So now you can easily track your ride & enjoy it at the same time. Overall these apps will undoubtedly increase your satisfaction & give you the real pleasure of biking for the rest of your life.

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