20 Best GPS Apps And Navigation Apps For Android

In this era of technology, it is hard to imagine life without it. This technology made everything so flawless that it all became just a matter of a single click.

Just imagine how life was before when you had to carry a big paper map while traveling a place. Carrying this huge map was nothing but a big hassle. But technology has given us relief from these hassles. Gps & navigation apps now do the paper map job. You can easily track your way whenever you want, within no time.

You will find many GPS apps & navigation apps available out there but are they all effective or work the same way? I don’t think so! To make your life a little easier, we came up with the 20 best GPS apps & navigation apps for android phones. This list will surely going to give you the one you are looking for so long. So keep rolling your eyes on the list & choose the best one that suits you the best.


20 Best GPS Apps And Navigation Apps For Android:

You may only know about Google map which is famous worldwide for its best output. But there are many more GPS & navigation apps along with it, which you should know. These apps are so good that you will find them way better & more comfortable to use. We have selected all the best apps out there in the world based on their popularity, demand & features. Now let’s see which apps successfully made their place in the list.


1.Google Map:

If you want a perfect app that gives you all the facilities at a time, then you should go for Google Maps for sure. This is the name that most people around the world trust blindly. It has lots of features but easy to use make it more reliable & helpful. You get real-time GPS navigation, traffic updates, info about local neighborhoods, transit info & every single information that is important for you to know will be here. 

The traffic info and the transport info are available in this app so that you can catch a bus or train easily on time. You can even list your favorite places & share them with your friends & family. Must-try places are suggested by the local experts &google experts. You can even review places you have visited & add photos of them or any missing road or track. You can even use the offline map & get directions or search for locations. See street view, restaurant & shop images, indoor maps of big palaces like Stadium, mall or airport. Everything in just an app! That’s why the app gets so many responses every single day.



This app helps you to navigate your city very quickly. It has direction for all kinds of public transports. It helps you to plan your trip. You can now discover new routes, new places easily with the help of this app. You will get here three different map views & can easily choose one. Now see how much the e-scooters or e-bikes charge around your place. With this app, you can even compare the cab fares.

You can now beat the rush hour crowd easily thanks to this app. Its real-time map gives you all the information about your nearby public transport. Now catch the nearby bus or train easily with this tracker app. Check the next train or the next bus waiting for you, get alert while it’s time to get in or out of the transport. You can now share your live trip with your friends & family & let them know about your journey. 



Waze is a very trustable app that you can trust blindly. This app will save your time on every trip. It provides you all the information about police, traffic, crashes & every other information which is essential for you to know. With this app, you can now understand what is going on in the road. 

It will even change your route if your route is facing heavy traffic. It won’t let you waste your time as it knows the value of your time. It tells you about your speed to ensure you have a safe drive. Not only that, but it also shows you the cheapest gas station around you. Shortly, a helpful app that can be your day-to-day partner.



This app is a top-rated app as it helps you discover gas stations, hotels, grocery stores & other places too. It shows you the real traffic data, incidents, traffic slowdowns & webcams. So now you can reach your destination very quickly. It also helps to find you the best route to save your time & gas. You can even customize maps & share them with your friends & family for road trips. 

But the only issue you may face in this app is that this app only gives service while you are in touch with the internet. That means it only offers online services. So you may not get any help from the app while you are totally offline. Otherwise, this app is the best one for your every single journey. 



It is an offline app, so you don’t need to worry about internet connection anymore. It gives you a quick & detailed offline map. You can use it while driving, walking or cycling. It will help you by guiding you on your latest trip. Every place of interest will be on your screen. So now you won’t miss any exciting place anymore. 

These maps are updated very often so that you get the latest sources. You can even save locations that you want to share with your friends & family. It really doesn’t matter which country you are in; you will get the best output for sure. So now, Save your time by choosing the Maps. me app & make your journey more manageable than before.


6.Sygic GPS:

It is an offline navigation app that gives you more real-time traffic info than any other apps. This app is one of the famous & most downloaded apps for all its facilities & features. This app provides you 3D maps, which get stored in your phone & you don’t even need any network connection to run it. You will get free map updates here, which makes it more reliable.

Voice guides are available to help you out. You can now avoid traffic jams as this app provides you the most accurate traffic updates. Speed Limit warnings ensure you have safe driving always. So to get a better road experience, you can try this app for sure.



This app works offline. Even you will get voice guidance from this app offline. Traffic warnings, speed limit warnings are here to make your journey easier. You will also get to see here street names, estimated time of arrival, lane guidelines, etc. An automatic rerouting option is available whenever you deviate from the route.

You can now find restaurants, hotels, gas stations & museums easily with this app’s help. If you want you can even save your important places. You can even enjoy the satellite view here. You are getting unlimited free map downloads from this app. So try it now if you want a better experience. 


8.Copilot GPS:

This app works great while you are in the metro area. The most exciting fact is that it offers an offline service. So you can use it anywhere at any time. It even remembers the places or routes which you have traveled already. It adjusts your route based on traffic updates; in this way, it saves your time. No matter which country you belong to, you will find it more helpful & easier everywhere. 

You can now discover what is around you quickly with the help of this app. It helps you to explore places. Though sometimes places are hard to find out here yet it doesn’t happen all the time. Its premium version is a little costly, but you can always run the general version for free.


9.Map Factor GPS:

It is a free offline navigation app that is easy to use & really helpful. With speed limit warnings, it includes camera warnings too. It gives you a realistic visual map display. It also has day & night mode. There are routing modes for car, truck, cycle, bus & other vehicles. 

It has a voice navigation system in different languages. You can save your favorite places & routes here. It shows the route that rotates according to your driving direction. Alternative routes are also shown there. No ads irritate you in this app, so now you can enjoy the app without any hesitation. 


10.Tomtom Go:

This app is an offline service, so you don’t need an internet connection to run the app. It gives you traffic updates so that you can choose the best route to save your time. It is very much reliable as it provides you accurate updates. It even suggests you the best route to follow. It offers a 30 days free trial version for new users.

You can now avoid real-time traffic with the help of this app. Speed camera alert helps you to know your real speed & drive safely. You can get an online search for any place quickly. You can even get easier route planning from the people you know with this app’s help, as it stores your contact list. But this app is a bit slow. If necessary steps are taken immediately, then it will be the best one.


11.Here We Go:

With this app, you can download maps to use later while you are offline. It gives you traffic alerts in different languages. So now you can choose any language you like in the male or female version. It also permits you to call for a cab to take you to your destination. Not only that, it helps you to plan & store your favorite place. 

The updates are done every 2-3 months. Thus it is much more reliable. You can even see the price of public transport tickets, cab fares, look for parking places & traffic updates. But it has a small problem, like you may not be able to use the search option while driving. Otherwise, it is the best option which will ensure your satisfaction highly.


12.RoadTrippers :

This app is a real benefit for travelers. Now you can explore new places near you which you never knew existed ever. Get all the latest news about the nearby local diners, roadside attractions, get to know all about the nearby visiting places & hotels & plan trips with your friends & family. It always helps you to explore new sites, new roads & unique places.

You can save your favorite place with the help of this app. Roadtripper helps you find new places & come up with new plans for free. Get proper guidance from the premade trip guides. Get a custom offline map with this exclusive app.



This app is also a better option for sports lovers. This GPS tracker will help you track your hike, walk, run, mountain ride everything you want. You can see a trail map here to find kids-friendly, even dog-friendly trails. You can download the map within no time & it won’t even take more space.

Explore new tracks in your area & download maps easily. It won’t let you get lost, no matter where ever you go. It will also show you wheelchair-friendly walking trails if you ask for. Easy to use, useful & friendly. Anyone can operate and get the exact direction in no time.



This app is a combination of the compass, GPS tracker, maps & many more tools. It is a very helpful offline app that is not only for the outdoors but also for off-road navigation. It provides many options such as the compass, binocular, offline maps, speedometer, moon, sun, star finder, camera & many more. It also helps to measure distance, angles & size.

Easily track your location with this app & get detailed GPS data. You can even measure & calculate dimension & distance. Save your current location with the app & find it later by following directional arrows. It is an all-in-one app that’ll not dissatisfy you ever.


15.Karta GPS:

It is an offline service that runs through a GPS satellite connection to determine the location. Internet connection is not needed to run it. Real-time traffic information is provided through inrix. You can easily download maps for free. You can search for locations, calculate routes without any net connection. 

It informs live traffic conditions to avoid traffic congestion. This app also helps to explore top rates places by providing their description, last three reviews, opening & closing hours, photos, etc. It Provides navigation for both car & walking paths.


16.Scout GPS:

This app is a well-designed app for your cars. It is a free mobile navigation app that is designed for your car’s screen. It works when you connect your mobile with the car’s screen through Bluetooth or USB. It gives you a moving live map in 2D / 3D mode. The best part you will find in this app is that you can easily listen to music or take calls while navigating, as its split-screen view permits the other apps to run simultaneously.

It also provides real-time traffic & intelligent search. It provides the best route suggestions to save time-based on traffic updates. Get place search categories & explore new places. Get voice guidance here & get the proper direction. 


17.Polaris GPS:

Another wonderful app that is free of cost. It is an offline navigation app. It won’t only track your trail but also will navigate hiking, marine, off-road trails. This powerful app navigates not only city trails but also waterways or wilderness. Navigate easily with no internet connection. It keeps a record of your previous tracks. 

This app made boating on rivers easy too. It is effortless to use. It doesn’t require any account setup or subscription. You can even dare to go where there is no road. It won’t get you lost no matter wherever you go. Its flexibility & stability made it the most wanted app.



It is a wonderful offline free navigation & traffic app. It includes voice guide systems, real-time traffic information, online & offline search options & driving scores. You can even go for the local place search. By storing offline maps, you can use them later without the internet. 

You can use it from any country without any hassle. Moreover, the use of this app abroad saves you from high roaming costs. This app is perfect for your day-to-day use. You can even use it for hiking. It has an economy setting that works really well. So, overall provide an excellent package for your trip.


19.Navigon USA:

This app works great in the metropolitan area and is onboard navigation for the people of the USA. After installation, this app will need a net connection to download voice & maps. But once it’s done, you may need no net connection then. It also gives you an active lane assistant. Safety camera warnings are to warn your driving limits.

It provides an HD quality display. You can search for the local places there easily. All over, it’s a perfect app to navigate your track. Though it’s an ideal app, it takes a little more space in your phone than the others.



This app is more helpful for sportspeople, especially for those who go hiking, cycling. It works really great for them as it shows them the familiar tracks, the perfect route for the specific sport. Voice navigation is here to help you more. Offline maps are also available for your outdoor trips. You can even navigate while the net is slow or unreachable. 

All the hiking paths, terrain, singletrack every track are shown here to make your adventure more exciting. You can see highlights on the map. Though it is a great app, it may not give re-routing service while offline, which can be a big hassle. Track your ride with the GPS, add photos, trips & save your favorite experience with this app. 


Bottom Line:

Getting the Perfect app is not always easy. Thus this list has been made to bring you satisfaction. We hope this 20 Best GPS Apps And Navigation Apps list has provided you what you need. Now, you need not to worry about traveling anymore. These apps will show you where to go & how to start. Start your journey with the best one & enjoy traveling forever.

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