20 best Star Wars apps for Android

20 best Star Wars apps for Android – Here is an idea about the best 20 apps of Star Wars. Star Wars is well known for providing popular apps worldwide. Different types of applications and games are provided according to the needs of the people of the world. A huge number of Star Wars applications are currently in use around the world which can be around one hundred. The best 20 apps are discussed in detail below.


Like other social apps, Reddit is a popular app from Star Wars. This allows users to discuss and vote on a variety of content submitted by other users. Users expect others to vote on their comments and links. All in all, it is one of the most popular apps right now.



This is a preferred application for Premier users from Star Wars. Movies, TV shows, other standard shows can be easily enjoyed through this app. This is a popular app for watching movies. Most Star Wars users use it to watch movies. The application is easy enough to use. Its services offer premium services at $ 7 per month and $70 per year. If you buy a lot of bundles of Star Wars together, the price will be less.


This app is a good source for Star Wars in search terms like Wiki. Characters, stories, series, and other necessary searches are required in the app. The app specializes in basic answers. You can search for the topics of your choice through the app. The app will show you your searched searches.

Movies Anywhere 

Movie Anywhere app is a great app to enjoy movies. You can search and purchase the movie of your choice and see the medium of the app. Its servers include Google TV, Amazon Prime, Microsoft tv, and Apple Tv. It can easily download movies at any time with monthly or yearly premiere subscriptions like the Disney app. This app has the facility to watch movies downloaded offline.


This is a premier mobile ringtone wallpaper advertising app. About a few thousand wallpapers and thousands of ringtones and notifications are provided through the app. From here, you can connect uncommon photo wallpapers and new ringtones to your mobile.

Card Trader

This app is a Star Wars mobile application that brings users into the process of collecting cards. The app of Star Wars is basically an exchange of cards collected based on the universe of George Lucas. This app allows you to exchange, buy and store cards. At first, you can earn around 25000 credits in the app, which is enough to buy a few sets of cards. You can earn extra credit through ads and shares from the app.

Scene Maker App

This app is used to create a new simulator shooting medium, and it is called the Ball Scene Maker app. This app lets you shoot scenes from the original trilogy. iPad users can use the app for free or at an affordable price.

The program includes three-dimensional model heroes, techniques, and environments that can be captured in different movies. Any user can set up a mobile virtual camera and collect from it.

Studio FX App

Studio FX genre allows you to animate the characters of your choice. This app is great for users to create and manage animations. If you want, you can set the game Star Wars for the scenery with the app. You can save all these videos on your device and watch them later. So this is a great app for adding video visual sound effects to create video clips.

Star Wars App Disney 

This app gives a premium opportunity for Star Wars users. This is an interactive app that has been developed from the concept of an Android system. The app displays a small widget at the top of the screen for mobile functionality to see the weather.

Galaxy of Heroes

This gaming application is a popular gaming application that is a legendary war. To become a true master of JD or Sith Lord in this game, you will need to develop tactical skills because the game changes the strategy step by step, which is the real fun of the game. You have to manage the game and show off your skills to fight and find new tactics.

Facer App

The face is a watch face app for different variations of Android or OS and Apple. It’s relatively easy to use and list your options. Install the app on your phone, and then you follow the instructions according to your platform. This little thing can make your mobile use fun.


HoloCanon is an app featuring Star Wars world shows. It contains almost every movie, show, and novel in the Star Wars universe that you can easily watch. This app is related to development, so you will also get new updates on it.

Star Wars Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a popular app for every mobile and iOS user. The number of users of this app is innumerable. In this app, Star Wars shows different characters together. The game’s price point in the app is that this evil bird manages all the adventures and fights the enemy pigs.

The Complete Saga

This game is released with Lego series iOS and Android games. The games of this series have now reached all over the world. Star Wars fans will be able to enjoy its six episodes through endless fights via mobile. It is attractive for the characters and their animation game.

Pinball Gaming App 

This game is developed worldwide as a Star Wars pinball game and attracts users with its sophisticated gaming system. I can enjoy my comfortable game with great titles, adventure with attractive image maps, and quality music in this game.

Knights of the Old Republic

Among the knights of the Old Republic, the game Star Wars aptly named George Lucas and his famous film Star Wars. You can get interesting action and adventure in this game, and you will get true adventure feel.

Star Wars Uprising 

This is a recent Star Wars game that has become as popular as any other game. With it, you can create a single character, and by this, you can manage your game.

Worlds in Conflict 

This app is fun for easy running and playing on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. This game has added new episodes from the beginning. The combination of base-building and expeditions is reminiscent of the game. The game has lots of iconic characters and vehicles.

Star Wars Journey Beginnings

This game is basically based on a story. It’s basically pod racing and arena fighting. It is popular among children.

Force Saber of Light 

This is basically the best thing after the Saber Light Force. This will prepare you to fight death for yourself and not make anyone feel safe. The game is fun to share with friends.

Among the 20 best Star Wars apps for Android, the other apps that can be kept are the apps like Star Crawl, Force Collection, Great Light saber.

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