Actionable SEO Techniques for 2021

Every entrepreneur and person in business knows that SEO is essential for their survival in 2021.


Whether you run a brick-and-mortar business or run a blog, SEO is considered to be the focus of discussions to get more customers and make more profit.


In this post, we give a brief overview of some effective SEO strategies for these few years.


UX will be at the forefront.


It is not easy to make your business website unique among millions of websites. That’s why every pixel counts by counting every millisecond.


This year UX is becoming more prominent. Because designing an intuitive user experience has always been essential to trigger conversions. Research reveals that this design is one of the biggest drivers of positive first impressions for mobile land web users.


UX or user experience includes end-user interactions with apps, software or websites. Exceptional UX works to solve users’ problems in the most efficient way. So these great designers always think ahead and break the rules to enchant the user experience and express their creativity.


Here are the biggest UX trends to follow this year:


Custom 3D / realistic graphics and animation

AR-enabled app

Full-screen background

Typography of breaking the rules

Semantic search is becoming more important


Now you may wonder what semantics is? It refers to the meaning of these relationships in words and specific contexts and the study of their relationships. In Google’s case, users are searching online for answers, semantic information, and content. Simply put, semantic SEO is the practice of developing such content if you only think of keywords, but you are mistaken. The subjects here are adapted around.


While it is critical to creating content that answers your target market’s questions, it may be possible to adopt a FAQ format. The other Thai will create an entire piece of content on a specific question before diving into it in more detail. So the key is to write for people. So you don’t have to think of search engines. Here are some tips for writing good content


It is important to remember that it is easy to understand, concise and makes the point.

So always make sure you include lists and bullets first. And for each of these, it makes it easier to find the information they need. In that case

Search content is more important than keywords.


Although the purpose of the search is part of a semantic search, we believe it deserves a dedicated section. However, with Google launching its BERT update in 2019, this search engine has become much more ‘conversational’. This means that with this new update, Google’s algorithm begins to explain the intent (which is a pity for every site owner).


The simplest way to explain this is that Google has become our favourite chatbot. Similarly, this fantastic update has made it possible to adjust the growing popularity of voice assistants and voice search for search engines.


People talk naturally with things like Siri or Alexa. People like to use it to search on Google as if they are asking a question. Google reveals that the purpose of the search is to redefine the marketing funnel.


Today, people search with four different ‘intentions’. Let’s take a look.


Search for information

Buy a product

Compare different products

Go to a specific website


These objectives revolve around, so businesses must focus on creating such content.


Location-based search: Google is my business


Suppose someone in San Diego is searching Google Maps for a ‘way to stay healthy, he can find results within his geographical location. From the user’s point of view, this type of search engine experience is relatively easy, doing a lot of good to people. However, there are many things to look for to provide accurate and relevant results. In other words, you will see that Google My Business has created such an opportunity.


Coming back to our example, if someone is looking for a ‘way to stay healthy in San Diego, they will find a complete list of hospitals in the area with ways to stay healthy. This information includes:


Business hours

Phone number


Company website

Reviews and ratings



So those people using it can easily find this information in Google My Business. Lockdown restrictions allow people to look for local alternatives, especially during epidemics. On the other hand, some consumers will want to support a local business during this difficult time.


People use Google to see if business times are changing during an epidemic or if businesses are open. Google My Business is an incredible way to keep up to date with existing or new visitors.


If you’re a business and you want to increase your visibility (because you’ve got a little bit of an idea of ​​their benefits.) If you’re going to get started now, sign up for Google My Business, and your official website will survive this challenging time. It Will help to stay.


Content is still king.


Although many conventional SEO trends and strategies will disappear this year and it is normal. Even in 2021 content rule has continued. Content creators and marketers like to throw this phrase around.


To understand your buyer’s perspective, you need to build buyer personality and then in this way. You can understand your audience’s desires, needs and pain issues for formulating targeted content. So now you need to hire a strong copywriter who can match the tone and style of your brand. Authors who promote our brand must be aware of your marketing funnel. Other Thais will make it difficult for your buyer to understand the person.


Optimize your photos


The importance of image optimization must be given. Because obviously, you will use some visual content on your website. Keep in mind that Google considers the images added to your site when determining rankings. Therefore, you should not be allowed to optimize the images.


Some people search through Google Images. And if they get an image from your site, they will probably click on it. Otherwise, you will lose potential traffic so that it can benefit you, i.e. optimization.


So read the following lines carefully so that the optimized images are more critical in optimizing the written content.


However, there are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about optimizing images on your site or adding photos. Here are some tips that might help:


A picture can hold thousands of words. It has even been observed in some cases that the limited attention of internet users comes into play. At that time, a picture can carry a million words. Therefore, it would be wise for you to add an image to specify the statistics. And you can go the extra mile by adding other forms of visual and infographics media. So instead of adding large blocks of text, you shouldn’t hold GIFs.


Specify the focus keyword of that content in alt text for each image you add to your site. Because this descriptive ALT text will tell the visual about the visual if the image does not load quickly, also, be sure to include focus keywords in alt text and captions.


Solve SEO problems


Have you been posting content on my website for some time now, though? If yes, then you can solve at least some of the technical SEO problems of your website. Now you can think how is this possible? Well, I mean, I wrote this content in a way that got it on Google. Search engine crawlers will index all the pages of your website after providing a range on your site. Therefore, if any problem occurs, then your site ranking will not be good.


So you need to prepare your website for crawlers while considering other aspects. A simple SEO audit of your website will help you increase the performance of your posted content several times. Otherwise, you may not get any significant value even from high-quality content. For example, if your website is fully loaded on HTTPS, Google will consider it a green flag.


Mobile issues


Over the past few years, mobile has been thought to spread to conventional devices for search queries. This is because most of internet users use mobile devices to search online. And this number will continue to grow in the future, which is why it would be wise for you to optimize your website for mobile.


This means that if a user delays loading your website into a mobile device, it should be rendered in full. Regardless of the operating system and screen size, users should be able to see every part of your site without any lag or other issues.


Another essential thing will be the code you are using because HTML5 helps to work ideally for mobile sites. At the same time, you should stay away from flash. The easiest way to go about this would be to improve on mobile, though. Because by doing this, users find what they are looking for without any problem.


Review your competitors


To increase your rankings, you need to check what your competitors are doing. In other words, review your competitors more and more. And analyze how successful they are, and do a competitive analysis. This would be an excellent place to start. The idea is to identify the content that works best for them.


To be successful, you need to be patient. So you should constantly be checking their best selling products and the way they display them. Anything can change the overall website so that a quick review will give you an idea of ​​your content.


The latest thought


You can use these actionable SEO strategies to increase your rankings. And doing so will increase your organic traffic (increase the income level range as well). If you want to achieve success, improving your SEO is going to be a little better way.


Hopefully, this blog post has been useful in figuring out Actionable SEO Techniques for 2021. Happy Learning!

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