How to Apply for The Stimulus Check 2021

Over 100 million people of America have received the stimulus check and they need no extra steps, while some people might be wondering still. If you’re one of them who’s looking for the answer to ” How to Apply for The Stimulus Check?” Undoubtedly, you’re in the right direction. 

The good news for you is that you can still be eligible to receive this stimulus. You just need to follow some additional steps. However, this guideline will let you know everything and give you the right direction about How to Apply for The Stimulus Check. Here we’re going to cover every portion of the process. So, let’s start.


Who Should Apply for The Stimulus Check?

Except for some people, many Americans have already received their stimulus. Here we’re going to show you the people who need to apply for the stimulus. This may give you the answer to why you haven’t received your money automatically. 

  • People who are American citizens and permanent residents or American resident aliens with social security numbers. 
  • A resident who bears Social Security Number.
  • People who are “non-filers”. That means they haven’t yet filed the tax return within the last two years. This expresses the people who didn’t earn enough income in the last two years. 
  • Resident with under $75000 annual income. For married people, the income threshold will be $150000.

How to Apply for The Stimulus Check as a Non-filer

We know that all the non-filers have used a form to access the stimulus check in the year 2020. However, IRS has closed that form in 2021. All non-fillers need to fill out a more simplified tax return from the IRS official website to get their stimulus money. 


How to Apply for The Stimulus Check Online

You might already know why you haven’t received your money automatically and why you need to apply for it. Now we’re going to show you the application process. However, you can only be ready to fill up the simplified tax return form, after collecting all the information mentioned below. Let’s have a look at them.


Collect the social security number-

If you have no social security number, you have to show your government-issued ID card and mailing address for requesting a new Social Security number. You can get the form Social Security Administration. Al the tasks can be done online. 

Access the IRS website:

You need to IRS website through a smartphone or computer. Remember to have a stable internet connection. The IRS accepts all the paper forms. However, we recommended to every nonfiler to avoid using free tax filing service in order to speed up the process. 

Though most of the libraries have closed now, you can still access the internet sitting outside the libraries. You can also go for a hotspot connection.

A valid Email-address

You should have a valid email address. This email address will help you to create an IRS account. After that, you need to submit all the necessary information. Your IRS account will help you to check your payment status anytime.

Other Documents

 You may need some additional documents along with the Social Security Number. These documents are essential to file up the simplified tax form. However, these additional documents include your income statement of the previous years, any government aid, and information of any dependents (if you have)


How to Apply The Stimulus Check as for Adult Dependents 


Under the American Rescue Plan Act, all adult dependents of 17 or older are eligible for the stimulus check. For instance, this number can be more than 26 million people who will be eligible for the direct stimulus payment. In addition, the person who will fill-up the form on behalf of dependents is the person who actually going to be paid. 

However, you have to follow some necessary steps to claim the stimulus. These are.

  • List the name of all dependents on the form. You have to input their name in the middle of the first page. 
  • Provide the Social Security number of each dependent.
  • Provide the relationship between you and the dependents.
  • Don’t forget to mention, whether they have eligibility to claim the child tax credit.

What is The Amount of Third Stimulus Check?

Every eligible person for the third stimulus check will get a maximum of $1400. However, for an eligible married couple, this amount could be $2800. Although, this couple should file taxes jointly. 

Similarly, every eligible dependent will get paid an amount of $1400. In other words, a family with four eligible may receive $5600 stimulus money in total.


How to Apply The Stimulus Check as a Prisoner?

Every incarcerated person in the state or federal prison is eligible to receive the first stimulus money of $1200. However, you have to fill-up four certain criteria for this. These are.

  • You have to be a US citizen, a permanent resident, or a qualified resident alien.
  • You should have a Social Security Number. 
  • More importantly, no one should mention you as a dependent in the tax return form before.
  • The annual income of 2018 or 2019 should be under $99000. However, for a married couple, the amount is $198000.

After that, you have to apply to the IRS official. The application process we have mentioned before. Although you have to input some additional information regarding your incarceration status. 


What happens if anyone misses the Nov.21 deadline?

The previous deadline for claiming a stimulus check as a prisoner was Nov.21. However, you can still claim it during the April 21 session.  Many citizens and government officials have requested to uphold the law. Therefore, the prisoners who missed the last deadline still have the opportunity to claim their stimulus money. 


People Who Are Not Eligible For The Stimulus Check

About 16 million people may deprive of the third stimulus this time. If you’re one of them, you might have certain issues. In addition, you’re not filling all the criteria. Your income limit doesn’t follow the requirement, you won’t be eligible. Besides faulty application process can be a reason behind it. To learn more you can easily visit the official website of IRS.


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