How to Study Bachelor in Switzerland 2021

Study Bachelor in Switzerland

People of central  Europe regard Switzerland as a hidden gem. This is absolutely legit and why it shouldn’t be. Switzerland has one of the most advanced education systems as well as ground-breaking research. If we talk about nature, Switzerland has an unparalleled natural beauty that can make any people live there until death. This is why most of the students all around the world looking for a way to Study bachelor in Switzerland.

With four official languages, Switzerland has become a true melting pot. As well as, their quality of life and education system consistently ranks among the world-leading positions. You might not be able to resist the affluence of beautiful scenery with numerous lakes, cute villages, and the high peaks of the Alps.

World Leading Higher Education System of Switzerland

The people of Switzerland are coherently proud of their flourished education system. This is the fact that they are managing to attract a huge amount of international students to study bachelor in Switzerland as well as all levels of study.

The internationally respected education system of Switzerland offers a wide range of academic facilities for students who are seeking bachelor’s degrees. Switzerland is considered a host of leading universities, especially universities that are located in Geneva and Bern.

No matter, which subject area you prefer to complete your bachelor’s degree, Swiss educational institutions are capable of bringing that academic field in front of you. As well as, there is a broad range of high-quality courses from which you can choose your preferred one.

Popular Bachelor’s Degrees in Switzerland

There are numerous academic subjects are available in Switzerland. Among them, finance and business studies are being eminent day by day. Although with the modern world, the demand for Engineering is increasing day by day, and so Engineering subjects are also valuable in Switzerland.

Moreover, tourism and hospitality are some of the most valued bachelor’s programs in Switzerland, and this is what Switzerland is well known for. Most of the bachelor’s degrees have three years duration. However, the duration can vary depending on the university curriculum.

Universities in Switzerland

There are many work renowned universities in Switzerland. With an amazing education system, many of them are ranked very high in the world university ranking. This is why international students always try to study for bachelor’s in Switzerland like it’s a promised land for them.

Switzerland has many world-recognized universities that offer a variety of subjects and welcomes international students from any part of the world. ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich, EPFL, and the University of Geneva are the most notable universities that ranked in the top 100 ranked universities all around the world.

Language of Swiss Universities

When you’re thinking about higher education abroad, the language of instruction is one of the most important facts to cope with the education system and their main language. Though English is an international language and recognized all over the world, it is crucial to know the local language.

In Switzerland, some universities offer language development programs to enhance foreign language proficiency. However, there are four recognized languages available in Switzerland, these are German, Italian, French, and Romanish. If you’re applying from one of those countries or having language skill in any of them, then it’s very good.

International Recognition

Generally, the Swiss higher education system follows the European style. Earning any degree from Switzerland is often favorable and taken into high consideration all around the world. If you achieve a bachelor’s degree from any Swiss university, it will serve as an outstanding international benchmark of your efficiency in your preferred field.

A bachelor’s degree from a Swiss university will keep you one step ahead in the job market. Because Switzerland universities have earned global praise for their commitment to academic development. Swiss government considers a developed education system as the key to achieving prosperity, innovation, and overall progress in any field.

Research and knowledge achievement are the key factors to drive Switzerland into success. This country often praised for its academic nobility and contribution to developing various disciplines.

Visa requirements to Study Bachelor in Switzerland

If you’re planning to study bachelor in Switzerland as an international student, you’ll need to obtain a visa from the Swiss embassy. However, depending on your nationality it will be determined whether you need a visa or not. Because citizens of the EU or EEA don’t require a student visa to study in Swiss universities.

However, EU/EEA citizens still require to complete a resident registration procedure from the local office after arrival. And it’s clear that non-EU/EEA citizens must need to submit a student visa.

The Cost of Living and Studying

Swiss universities have to pay heavy subsidization to the government. This is why the tuition fees are a bit lower compared to other foreign universities. However, the tuition fees of private universities slightly higher than the of public universities.

Remember that, Switzerland is considered the most expensive country in Europe. The living cost in Switzerland is very high, especially in the major cities including Geneva or Zurich. So, make your budget a little strong when planning to study bachelor’s in Switzerland.

Admission Requirements

When it’s about admission to any institution’s academic program, you will see different standards in different universities. However, mostly the admission requirements are higher comparing to other nations, as most of the courses in Switzerland are too much popular.

It is good to research in-depth about all the requirements regarding your subject area before applying. When you find the course and your qualification are matched and you have all the requirements then apply immediately.

How to Study Bachelor in Switzerland in English for Free

Though living in Switzerland is costly than most of the countries in Europe, still there are several universities that offer a low tuition fee for international students. Students from various nations can apply for a bachelor’s program in English for free. However, they may need to pay other fees per semester.

There are a plethora of part-time jobs available for students in Switzerland. This could be a great way to release the pressure of high expenses.


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