London College of Legal Studies North

London College of Legal Studies North

London College of Legal Studies North is an outstanding educational institution. Here students can understand the past, prepare themselves to challenge the present, and build up their future. This is a place for people who appreciate new ideas and try to make difference.

If you’re one of them who wish to avail themselves of the diverse opportunities offered by the legal profession, then follow this article. Here we’ll discuss all the facts and opportunities regarding, London College of Legal studies North. So, prepare yourself to serve the public with a noble profession.

Courses Offered by London College of Legal Studies North

There you’ll see multiple courses offered by LCSI north. Let’s have a look at all the courses offered by the London College of Legal Studies North.

A Level Law (followed by Edexcel and Cambridge)-
  • Law
  • Government and Politics
University of London International Degree Programs-
  • Diploma in law
  • certification in Higher Education
  • Bachelor of Laws, LLB (Hons.)
  • Master of Laws, LLM
Professional Courses-
  • Bar Transfer Test (for Advocates who have learned to become Barristers)
  • Enrollment Exam Course ( district Court0
  • Enrollment Exam Course (High Court Division)
  • Specialized Course on tax

The mission of LCSI North

The mission and vision of LCSI north are to make students able to achieve their maximum potential. They always try to make their graduates innovative and creative in distinguished fields. The courses and their teaching methods aimed at making students employable and equipped for shaping their future careers.

Graduates from London College of Legal Studies North are able to play a vital role in the regional economy as well as cultural development. As the graduates will work in public sectors with the broader community.

LCSI prepares students to contribute to the global economy as well. Their teaching goal is to incorporate international and multicultural thoughts within college even beyond it.

Strategic Partner

Teaching institutions that offer support to students who want to study in University of LondonĀ  International Programmes are secured under the University London framework. These institutions are recognized and work as affiliated centers.

Why Legal Studies in LCSI North?

What do you find common in Benazir Bhutto, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Barack Obama? Surprisingly, they are the most eminent world leaders who studied law. This is one of the oldest academic fields all over the world. A person with Law degree is regarded as highly qualified and remains one step ahead with more career opportunities.

For some people, this is to uphold justice, nobles call it most commendable. Nevertheless, the Law is not only a matter of lawyers or limited in courtrooms. It can affect various aspects of our society. Let’s have a quick look at some benefits of studying law.

Stable Income

You may not find a job immediately after obtaining your law degree and even you may not be able to earn more immediately after getting a job. however, with this degree, you can eventually earn a high amount along with a secure job compared to other fields of education.

Great Foundation for Combined Academic Studies Therewithal

There are many courses that allow students to combine legal studies along with business or accounting. As well as there are a lot of opportunities to combine law with many other non-law degrees.

Wider Professional opportunities

Aiming to be a lawyer is not always mandatory for individuals studying law. Because legal studies offer many job opportunities in a variety of fields such as politics, academia, social work, media, etc. Students can choose any of these as their profession.

Efficient in Critical Thinking

Studying law facilitates such kinds of knowledge and skills that enhance the strong reasoning and analytical skills of students. They earn a master ability to analyze any critical situation no matter how complex is this.

Power of Correcting

People who are passionate to change the world and have high moral conduct can make their desire fulfilled legally with the power of law. Acquiring this qualification is necessary to validate your intention to change the world, this is why you need to study law.

Respect and Prestige

Studying law is one of the most prestigious and respectful fields of study. Graduates from legal studies often succeed in various industries. Many of them are world leaders who are respected all over the world. Upholding justice is not so easy, this is why a person with a law degree is highly respected.

Overcome an Intellectual Challenge

Obtaining a law degree is not easy for everyone. This is why it’s a kind of an intellectual challenge. Because of high standards and complex study patterns, students need to show outstanding academic performance.

Planning Own Schedule

While monotonous 9-5 are often stressful, lawyers can plan their own schedule and enjoy independence in their working time. A lawyer can determine tasks, workload, even the cost of his service. This profession offers maximum freedom that many other jobs can’t guarantee at all.

You Can Help people

The role of the legal profession is to provide service to the client that aims to help people to solve their problems. These problems can vary from tax to criminal matters. A lawyer often fights for human rights. In another word, you always feel like you’re doing right and your purpose is legal to establish justice. You have the ability to contribute to establishing a legal world.

you can Grow

Many people afraid of being stuck in a job they have chosen first. Nevertheless, there are plenty of options to grow after studying law. Yeah, you can go straight to a lawyer job after graduation. But you can also study more to be an attorney. You can switch your practice or even can change the career completely.

You don’t have to stick forever in the same job. Therefore, if you are passionate, you can go for legal studies.


If you’re one of them who love competitions to thrive, then Law profession is the perfect choice for you. There is a lot of competition available in the legal world.


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