Prince Pearl Price in Pakistan and Review

Prince Pearl Car Brand Search in Pakistan

Initially understanding a car is always a safe option when you are starting out. The car Prince Pearl is from the manufacturer Regal Automobile. Prince car price in Pakistan is from PKR 1,119,000 rate.

Few essential domains are to be covered to help you buy a car. Ask yourself why do you need a car? How long is the distance for everyday usage?

prince car price in pakistan

  1. Location and spending go hand in hand. If you travel to the inner city for office, traffic has to be put into consideration. Engines that will be coherent to this situation are the best options.
  2. You can always contact them and get the required information. Prince Pearl price in Pakistan can also be obtained from the dealership or internet sites. 
  3. Knowing the brand and manufacturer beforehand is also important. There are vast numbers of information at your fingertips. Reviews about the dealership and the manufacturer are vital. 
  4. After the purchase, maintenance and finding car parts are also factors for consideration. Structuring a budget for the buy, the maintenance, and the parts are therefore doable. 

The rate of prince cars in Pakistan can be considered not too much on the higher end. However, if you find it considerably higher than average, there are always alternate cars. They too cater to daily use. That is the beauty of good car research before purchasing. 

prince car price in pakistan

Prince car price in Pakistan and Usage

If you have taken into consideration the Prince pearl price in Pakistan, then you can check for a test drive. Budget planning will always be a smart move on your end. 

Now, what comes next? The usage and trial of the car is the first step. 

You can set up a test drive of the Prince Pearl car with your local dealership. You can also educate yourself by reading up on what needs to be checked during test drives. Few things to remember are the attention to detail, and observing the exterior and interior. 

You can check the functionality of the car. See if the brake lights, the turn signal, and tire alignment are proper. There are interior features to check as well. Depending on the car model, the air conditioner, heater, and radio should be checked. 

The price of Prince Pearl in Pakistan for your purchase can be justified if mandatory checks are done. This can be said for any model and variant. 


Features of Prince Pearl car in Pakistan

The Prince Pearl car has specification details for better understanding. Prince pearl price in Pakistan with PKR 1,119,000 comes with an engine power of 40 hp at 5500 RPM. 

  • Prince car price in Pakistan is introduced with these features to meet the needs.
  • The car fuel type is petrol.
  • There are 4 doors in the car as standard.
  •  The seating capacity in the car is 5 people. 
  • The fuel tank capacity is 27 litres which is a norm for such cars.
  • The wheel type is Alloy Rims. 
  • The ground clearance detail for the Prince Pearl model is 145 mm.
  • The kerb weight is 735 KG.
  • The wheelbase is 2345 mm.
  • The minimum turning radius for the steering wheel is 4.5 m. The steering type for the Prince Pearl car is Rack & Pinion with an electric motor. It is electric power-assisted.
  • The city mileage for the car is 20 KM per litre. The highway mileage is 22 KM per litre. 
  • The fuel system is EFI with fuel type petrol.
  • Top speed of the car model is 150 KM per hour. 
  • The brakes are front discs type and rear drums type.
  • The suspension is McPherson Strut.
  • The gearbox detail is 4 speed. The transmission type is manual.  

This car model has an air conditioner feature. A folding rear–seat feature is available. There are power door locks for easier lock maintenance. It has power steering as well as power windows, and mirrors. Radio and Defogger are also featured you can avail in this car. This is a keyless entry car. 

Beneficial features in the car also include a rear camera, heater, and interior lighting. 


Engine Details for Prince Pearl Car Model

The engine for the Prince Pearl car model is an in-line cylinder configuration type. The displacement for this car is 796 cc. The engine power is 40 hp at 5500 RPM. There are 3 cylinders. The torque detail for the car is 60 Nm at 3500 RPM. The Valve mechanism for the vehicle is SOHC 12 valves. There are 4 valves per cylinder.     

Prince car price in Pakistan is inclusive of the features mentioned. However, you can always ask for customization if they allow it.


The Verdict for Prince Pearl Car in Pakistan

Overall verdict to purchase the car will depend upon income, the locations, and primary need. This car model has sufficient features to own a comfortable ride.  A city resident can enjoy a car mileage of 20 KM per liter. The price is valued at an efficient number for the daily work schedule lifestyle.

You can also clarify your needs and buy a car from a similar price range. The expenditure for the Prince Pearl price in Pakistan is average as the next car. So, this can be a smart buy for smart usage.

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