The Tech Websites That You Can Surf in 2021

It is pretty common to face problems with our computer, tablet, or it can be our mobile phones. Sometimes, it is nearly impossible, or it seems not right to go to the professionals as they charge huge fees. However, some tech websites are so helpful in assisting you in such situations. Hence, I have listed some of them recognized worldwide through their respective tips, news, etc.

• TechHive:

This tech website offers the latest innovative home technology, the latest tech news, and analysis on the latest techs. This tech website also emphasizes a whole lot of home security, smart appliance, and so on.

• Cord Cutters News:

This tech website is usually known for its reviews and all the tech news. They also serve to review streaming platforms like live TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Hulu, Prime, and Netflix.

• TechTarget:

This tech website assists you in figuring out the current tech market situation. Through this tech website, you can engage, you can influence buyers that are currently active, and you can identify them by purchasing an insight-powered solution. This tech website also identifies high-quality prospects & companies researching for resolution in your market actively to understand the market by knowing the actual purchase that helps you prioritize your product effectively.

• Computerworld:

This tech website covers up all the technical information that has been roaming for a while. The companies related to IT are their prime objective like Windows, Mobile, Apple, Office, Google, etc. This tech website also covers news about blockchain, web browsers, collaboration, and productivity suites.


Payments is an out-and-out online-based news portal of payment news. It also published trending reports of top industries regarding innovation, FinTech, and commerce.

• PCMag:

You are the one looking for a computer and its accessories, then this tech website is for you. This tech website is all about the guideline regarding upgrades & peripheral to the computer. They also publish reviews of the latest services and products, shopping advice with price, report tech news, and report trends.

• Techradar:

This tech website emphasizes the news regarding gadgets, home entertainment systems, computing, and so on. This tech website is a package that comes for free.

• TechRepublic:

This tech website is all about tech advice from professionals, tips & tricks, and tech field news. This tech website serves accurate advice from those professionals who belong to the most prominent IT community leader. This tech website helps make any IT decision, streamline business processes, and empower employees, and identify strategies.

• TechSpot:

This website started its journey decades now, and per month about 6 million visitors made this one of the best tech websites. Those people are gamers, IT decision-makers, power users, and tech enthusiasts found; this tech website so informative.

• Tech Times:

We know this tech website for its news based on progressions in science & health, tech innovations, interactions with other industries, etc. They also portray how our lives are connected to technology and business and emphasize an impact on your daily life.

• Wccftech:

If you are fascinated by mobile phones, gaming then this tech website is better for you. This tech website also serves information in the form of reviews, guides, tech news, etc.

• Gadget Hacks:

This tech website is a bit different from other mentioned tech websites. Gadget Hacks-the tech website is known for its unique life hacks for smartphones. They serve tips regarding software issues, skins, mods, and so on. The tech website is also helpful in assisting you in upgrading your smartphones.

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