Tips & Tricks for PS5 Gaming Console

That you’re one of the fortunate few who got your hands on Sony’s latest game console for the holidays, check out all these features which make the most of it. If you were lucky enough to get a PlayStation 5 on launch day, were fast enough to own one when supply reemerged, or received one as a gift, the main thing is that you have one. Congratulations, and welcome to the real world of next-generation gaming consoles! We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and lesser-known capabilities to help you get the most out of your PlayStation update.


  • Turning Off the PlayStation 5:

You might scoff at the first idea. Is it really so hard to put off your console? If that’s what you’re saying, I didn’t spend ten minutes looking for the alternative! It turns out that you just need to press the PlayStation key in the center of the console once, rather than holding it down like you would on the Playstation 4. When you press that button, a menu appears along the center of the window, with the power indicator from the far right. Since the selection wraps across, it’s quicker to go left.

You could also use the external power switch mostly on hardware, placed at the base of your PS5 is vertically positioned and at the far left if it is horizontally set to the media console.


  • Shift Your Games and Settings From Your PS4:

You may want to move games, configurations, and other documents to your new console if you’re switching from a PS4. You’ll be asked to do so during installation, but you can always go back and do it afterward. It’s a wise option to get both devices wired in and switched through before you begin, via an ethernet port connecting them. Go to Settings on the PS5, then System > System Software once you’re prepared. Pick Data Transfer. Start and select your PlayStation 4 (PS4). Whenever the Ready for Data Transmission screen appears, pressing and holding the PS4’s power switch for a few seconds before it beeps. Choose what you want to switch and click Start Transfer.


  • Know how much time you’ve been playing a game:

It’s smoother than ever before to keep track of how much time you’ve invested playing Game consoles. Pick your character in the top right corner of the PS5’s start menu, then Profile and Games. Each game’s total playtime is displayed next to it, with award progress mainly on the right.

  • Check to see if you’re enjoying a PS5 edition of a game:

Although it’s cool that the PS4 games can be playing on the PS5, it can be confusing at times. Many older games have been improved for the newest console, ensuring you’re enjoying the most recent version for the best service. Examine the game’s title on the main screen more closely. PS4 will appear next to every PS4 edition. You can also choose Game Library from the right-hand menu, then sort and filter your games by Platform using the left-hand Sort & Filter symbol.


  • Make adjustments to your console’s configuration:

The DualSense controller on the PS5 is incredible, and it’s a significant improvement over the DualShock 4. The tactile feel of the buttons and the range of sounds add to the immersion, which active engagement in reaction to an on activity. The default values are perfect for me, but if you’d like to reduce the speed of the vibrations or the control effects, go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers. When you’re using your old DualShock 4 control systems to play PS4 games upon on PS5, you can dim the lights on their indicators here.


  • Get Realistic Sound With 3D Audio Option:

3D Audio is a highlight of the PS5, enabling game designers to attach sound effects to anything around you to improve the impression that you’re truly in the space. However, you’ll need headsets or earbuds to reap the benefits of this functionality. 3-dimensional sound is activated by default, so connect your headset into your console and notice the difference right away. However, you’ll want to measure that for your ears through Settings > Sound > Audio Output. Select Change 3D Audio Configuration from the drop-down menu beneath Allow 3D Audio and then choose the amount that feels best from you from the five choices.


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