How to Watch UFC 257

In the next main event of UFC 257, the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion are going to face no. 2 ranked lightweight Dusting Poirier. After a couple of months, former champion McGregor is returning to the main event. Your excitement might be spring over your body to watch that fight. However, if you’re hesitating about how to watch UFC 257, then follow our article. We’re going to show you the way out, and reap every inch of entertainment of the match. 


Where will UFC 257 take place?

UFC considered one of the most popular and outstanding fighting events in the world. This year UFC 257 is going to take place at Yas Island which is situated in the United Arab Emirates. Yas Island is also known as the “FIght island”. You collect your tickets for the fight from the Etihad Arena. Hurry up, otherwise, all the tickets are going to be sold out. 


What is The Starting Time of UFC 257?

UFC 257 is going to be catered to American audiences. That means you won’t get the main card until 3 AM, January 24. However, this is the Irish time. On the other hand, as an Irish citizen, you can collect the preliminary card from 11.30 PM, January 23. There is a total of three events that have been scheduled for the UFC fight. 


How to Watch UFC 257

As we mentioned before, UFC 257 is going to be held in three separate events. These are

  • The Early Prelims
  • The prelims
  • The main card

However, only UFC Fight Pass subscribers will get the opportunity to watch the early prelims. ESPN+ along with the ESPN cable channel will air the prelims. The main card is going to be an ESPN+ exclusive pay-per-view event.

This is why, before purchasing the main card pay-per-view, you need to subscribe ESPN+ streaming service. ESPN+ subscription charge will be $5.99 per month. However, you can subscribe to the yearly package at $59.99. For instance, you have to pay $69.99 along with the UFC 257 pay-per-view charge. 

Subscribers can easily access the ESPN+ app on any smartphone device or smart TVs. These devices include Amazon Fire, Android, Apple, Chromecast, Xbox One, PS4, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, and so on. 


How to Watch UFC 257 in Succorable Way

This could be usual that you have a limited budget, still want to watch UFC 257 by subscribing to ESPN+. However, you shouldn’t be disappointed after having a limited budget although. You can grab one of the special discounted packages. 

For the best affordable way, you can choose the yearly package of ESPN+. Here you will get one-year ESPN+ membership along with access to all events of UFC 257. This package will cost you $89.98. Guess what! In this discounted package, you can save 30% than the regular subscription charge. However, after the first year of your subscription, you will be charged $59.99 per year as a regular package holder. 


How to Stream UFC 257 Live in The US

If you want to tune in to watch UFC 257 live stream, you’re going to have pretty much perfect timing. ESPN+ is going to air all the events in the US as well. All you need to do is, tune in on a specific day and enjoy all events. However, for the early prelims, the time schedule in the US will be Saturday at 3.15 PM PT and 6.15 PM ET. For the prelims, the schedule will be 5 PM PT, 8 PM ET. 


How to Stream UFC 257 Live Without Cable

There are a lot of people who don’t have any cable connection. However, this is not any surprising fact, while most advanced technologies are available everywhere. At present, people can enjoy their favorite UFC 257 events live from any part of the world. All you need to do, just get a stable internet connection and subscribe to any reliable streaming service. Although all the streaming services do not stream UFC 257. Therefore,  here we’ll discuss some of the popular streaming services to stream UFC 257 live.


Direct TV Now

 If you’re waiting for the UFC 257 Fight Night on 27th June, subscribing to DirectTV Now can be a great choice. If you subscribe to DirectTV Now you’ll be able to access hundreds of TV shows and movies along with numerous sports all over the world. 


Sling TV

If you subscribe to Sling TV, you can customize your TV channels. This will let you display whatever you want to watch along with the live stream of UFC 257. However, the subscription fee is quite reasonable and it is $25 per month. In addition, you can enjoy their 7-day free trial opportunity. As well as you can cancel your subscription anytime. You’ll be glad to know that Sling Tv works with Internet TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, Apple devices.


Hulu TV

Hulu TV subscription will let you enjoy various TV shows, movies as well as sporting events including UFC 257 live. However, the subscription fee of Hulu TV is 44.99 per month.


Reddit Streams

Numerous people all over the overworld are confused about how to watch UFC 257 on Reddit Streams. However, streaming on Reddit is quite simple. Reddit is popular as one of the most influential social network sites. Here you can see a lot of communities discussing a variety of sports-related topics. You can also get most of the streaming links. 


YouTube Tv

By subscribing on YouTube TV, you’ll be able to access over 50 channels along with Cloud DVR. That means you can easily record the game and watch it later whenever you want. This will give you the opportunity to analyze the game with more clarity. You can access YouTube Tv on your Android, Apple, iPad, laptop, desktop, and some selected TVs as well. 


Show Time Anytime

UFC 257 Fight is going to be streamed live on Show Time. You can easily access Showtime using the app. this app works pretty well on smart TVs, as well as it is also available for mobile devices. 

Hope this article might help you to enjoy the most awaited sport UFC 257. If you face any difficulty, you can contact us anytime.


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