Reviewing The Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan

Getting started with the bike purchase, the information details are a must. The user reviews can get you the best answers. The bike faultiness, the price, and much more will be covered so you can have an informed decision.

The Suzuki bike model price in Pakistan is up to 181,000 PKR. This is in a higher price range. For a casual purchase, it might not seem like the best price to spend. If you are willing to spend the amount, there are specifications to help consider the buy. However, a buyer can opt for instalment options.     


The features of the Suzuki Model 110

  • Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan can be above average yet it does have its components 

  • The bike is manufactured by the Suzuki brand

  • The bike model is GD 110

  • Suzuki 110 bike engine is a 4 Stroke and Single Cylinder Air Cooled type

  • The displacement detail is 113 cc

  • The clutch-type is a Wet Type Multi-Plate

  • The Bore & Stroke details are 51.0 x 55.2 mm

  • The compression ratio is 9.5:1

  • The bike is a Kick Start starting type

  • The dimension detail is 1900

  • The transmission is 4-speed

  • The frame is backbone type

  • Petrol capacity for this model is 9 L

  • The ground clearance is 140 mm

  • The tyre at the front is 2.5 – 17 and the back tyre is 2.75 – 17

Ask yourself, what are the needs in a bike purchase?

Since the Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan is on the higher end, it is good to navigate the details.  

What you need to check is the speed, the comfort, the body, and the price. When it comes to purchasing a brand-new bike, the price can be a headache. The Suzuki brand does allow an instalment plan for this model. This might work in an advantageous mode for the buyer. The longer duration in instalment payment might also be helpful. 

  1. The instalment idea can help make purchase access to all. This is an advantageous method in considering the bike.
  2. Speed and usage of the Suzuki model 110 are quite dependent on the location. Suzuki model 110 price in Pakistan is perhaps coherent to the bike power. This bike model can be expected to have a decent road grip. The usage can simultaneously rely on the fuel capacity. The reserve fuel can be expected to have a good run. 


Other Factors with Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan

Price and usage should be conducted to verify the price value. In terms of disadvantages, this model does offer less safety coverage when in gear. Safety compromised can be a drawback. 

  1. The comfortable feature of the bike can rely on its usable nature. City roads will have a smoother experience for daily usage.
  2. The body of the bike is detrimental to the overall ride. The Suzuki bike 110 does have a dry weight of 108 KG. The lower portion can have a clash if used in bumpy structured roads. Therefore, making it prone to discomfort and damage.  


The Verdict for Suzuki 110 Price in Pakistan

Overall, the part availability of the bike is at an advantage. There are no further issues expected when searching for the bike parts in most regions.  

Suzuki Bike 110 model has offered colour options of Silver, Black and Red as well. Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan can be a reason for judgement. A test drive can further initialise the experience before any decision. Therefore, the final call relies on the test by the customer.



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